There’s always something going on at The Isle of Man Youth Motor Project…

Drop-in and Evening Sessions

At drop-in and evening sessions, you can get your hands dirty.

  • car & motorcycle dismantling
  • motorcycle building
  • kart building
  • restoration of quad-bikes
  • personal projects
  • bicycle restorations

Evening activities make up a certified course: “Vehicles & Society”. These have a high pass rate ー you just need to put the work in.

All in-house activities are free of charge.

Saturday Sessions and Trips Away

Saturday sessions are more flexible and might include…

  • Workshop sessions
  • Off-site motorcycle trials

The Project also organises occasional trips to Motocross events in the UK. (Note: unfortunately, these are currently on-hold due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. However, we may develop plans to restart them once it becomes safe to do so.)


Since 2021, the Isle of Man Youth Motor Project has been providing people of all ages with a space to practise music, as led by our worker Mike Buttimore. Mike plays the guitar and has a passion for sharing that with others.

See our calendar for upcoming events and workshop sessions.